Sustainable Tourism

I am going to introduce you to Rome as I know it - off the beaten path.

That means not only seeing the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill (possibly the most crowded areas of Rome) from a different perspective, but also rediscovering museums much less popular but which have still so much to offer.

We will be visiting local restaurants and shops (the so called “Botteghe Artigiane” – artisanal workshops), supporting local enterprises and thereby minimizing the impact of mass tourism on the city.

Berlin unlike many large European cities, is made up of 14 districts each one with its individual flavor and places of interest (though people often seem to still flock to the most popular ones).

Each district has its own flair, offering a wide variety of cooking from small local producers.

Berlin has a fantastic public transportation system which will allow us to have tours and still respect the locals.


I have the privilege to make my home in two of Europe’s most iconic metropoles:  Rome and Berlin - European symbols for the past & the present.

My deepest pleasures are: my studies, in the archaeological field, and learning about food & wine.

In Rome I completed a PhD in archaeology, and became a Sommelier.

In Berlin I received a Fellowship from the Freie Universität and I am currently working on my WSET IV Diploma, after having completed the WSET level III (Wine &Spirit Education Trust).

My greatest fortune is having two families from different countries: the one of origin in Italy, and now one in Germany.

Europe - her history, art and cultural traditions form the ideal scenario where my two souls happily join.


If you are curious about my tours do not hesitate in contacting us.
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Simona Bracci
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