A stone thrown by the Vatican walls and S. Peter Dome projected by Michelangelo, the modern residential areas of Prati and Trionfale hold some gems of the culinary experience of Rome.  When these neighborhoods in the late XIX cen. where started to be built was unsettled and occupied by fields (Prati) and vineyard, exactly like during the ancient roman period. Here again – if concerned with food – we are going to face our roman culinary tradition.

The district is not only filled with traditional food shops of the highest quality but here one of the oldest market in Rome has recently reopened.

Built for the first time at the beginning of the XX cen.

It offers a wonderful experience in terms of having a direct contact with the fresh food romans buy everyday to cook their meals as well as a varied offer of street food that we are going to taste together.

This tour is also available for vegetarians.