A walk amidst the ruins of the fallen Empire and some of the most beautiful churches with ancient origins, our tour will explore the lives, jobs, culinary traditions and religious beliefs of the common people who inhabited these two interesting neighborhoods on opposite sides of the Tiber river.

This is a relaxed walking tour, away from the throngs of tourists, focused on discovering the very heart the everyday “Rome of the people”.

On one side of the river we will explore the history of one of the most ancient Jewish communities in Europe, the ghetto where Roman Jews were forced to live for several centuries.

We will discuss the architecture here, which is characterized by the superimposition of buildings from different periods, as well as the history and roots of the cucina povera, which is a very important element of this community’s culture.

Roman Jewish Cuisine is characterized by modest ingredients and intense flavors.

Crossing the river, we will enter the historically working-class neighborhood of Trastevere to explore the history of its inhabitants and their beliefs, as well as the impressive churches of Santa Cecilia and Santa Maria in Trastevere.  In contrast to the better-known Rome of the Baroque and Renaissance aristocracy, this tour will help you discover the “other side” of Rome’s history.