A small area in the very heart of the town, the history of which matches a great portion of the culinary history of Rome.

The Ghetto is tightened between the Capitoline Hill and the Tiber river, and since centuries it has been hosting the Jewish community, the oldest one in Italy.



Being settled almost since the beginning of ancient roman history the Ghetto is a privileged place where to look at the archaeological stratification of the town as well as a fantastic point of view on history of food – just think that it was turned into a fish market during the last two cen.

Its name is due to the Jewish community who, during the XVI cen., was obliged by the Popes to reside here.

In such a small district the Roman Jewish community has created some of the most representative dishes of our culinary history only thanks to simple and poor ingredients: fried Artischock (alla Giudia indeed!) or the fish soup.

The story goes on and the community has nowadays crowded the main street with restaurants and small food shops following one another offering the chance of a unique culinary experience.

Our food – tour here will let you discover: cheese, bistrot with street kosher food, one of the most famous patisserie in Rome and more…

A walking tour back in time aiming at involving all the senses: sight, smell and taste discovering the root of roman cooking art.