Talking about food and food experiences, Berlin is nowadays probably THE place to be.

Its food panorama is unique: a vast fan of culinary opportunities on offer (one could define Berlin as a “multitasting” town).

This is mainly due to the many different people settling here in the last decades, whose culinary traditions are merging with the German ones.

The result of such an important people movement is exciting, both in terms of markets and street food, as well as what restaurants have to offer.

Berlin, like Rome, has a number of famous markets found throughout the city.

Visiting one of them is a wonderful way to taste and to learn what food is nowadays in Berlin, what is proper German tradition, and how and why it has changed in last decades.

Places where one tastes and talks about food, like the Arminius Markt, Markhalle Neun and Marheineke Markt and only in the weekend, the Street food Market at the Thai Park.