Since last year the archaeological center of Rome has been offering some special entry tickets (namely S.U.P.E.R. & Forum Pass) allowing us to discover some extraordinary places just recently reopened to the public.

Buildings with incredible decorations as found in the House of Augustus or Domus Transitoria, or the magnificent paintings in S. Maria Antiqua.

We will also have the possibility of entering the Roman Forum by walking UNDER the Via dei Fori Imperiali!

Diving into the Ancient City is the best way to see how Rome developed from a small village on the Palatine Hill to become the nucleus of the world for several centuries.


Our Walk will start  from the Forum (which was the public square of the ancient Roman Republic) where we will discuss the origins of Rome, its political institutions, and its most significant ancient cults.

We will also explore the period of Imperial Rome, its luxuries and refined architecture – as revealed in the Emperor’s Palace with its incredible dining room! Rome at the zenith of its power!