Our food-tour will lead us through the labyrinth of small alleys in the historical center, alleys opening all of a sudden on the beautiful and monumental squares and Churches renowned all over the world.

Many different kinds of people walk these streets every day for a wide range of reasons: employed going to work, “lucky” inhabitants and, of course, travelers from every part of the world coming to visit Rome during the year.

The result is that the center of Rome is a mixture of movement and stillness (that you can find in the many churches), of modernity and antiquity, where one can eat anytime any type of food.

The offer is varied: sweet (fantastic gelati!) as well as salty food can be easily found here, though one must know where to go to enjoy real traditional food.

The be followed by an handcrafted beer or a glass of wine and beside enjoying the most beautiful squares in town hosting, not by chance, markets of the old times.

A walking tour to fill the eyes and …the belly.