A 3-day combo ticket gives you the unique chance to see the four most important archaeological Museums of Rome which host the National Roman Museum Collection.We will concentrate on the Palazzo Massimo, which contains the best-preserved paintings of ancient Rome – including the paintings of the Garden of Livia and those from the Villa Farnesina.

These paintings were brought to the Museum where special viewing rooms were built for them. We will also see its beautiful mosaics and most famous statues, like Augusto “capite velato”.

Near Piazza Navona stands another jewel, Palazzo Altemps – an important aristocratic residence of the Renaissance period.

In such gorgeous architecture, statues of the greatest importance are displayed: the Ludovisi Throne, Ludovisi Gaul, Ludovisi Sarcophagus and the famous statue of Ares.


Two “off the beaten path” Museums of undisputed beauty.