This tour would be ideal for spending some of Rome’s hottest summer days underground – where it might be a bit cooler!

But don’t be fooled – this tour has a lot to offer! There are a number of large excavations and restorations which have been conducted under the modern town. This is an itinerary that can be customized according to your wishes.

Near the Colosseum the most famous ruins are under the church of San Clemente. We will return to the I Cen AD to discover the remains of an ancient pagan sanctuary and an old Christian church.

The nearby archaeological area of St. Giovanni and Paolo, there is a set of ancient residential buildings, which were opened now to the public about 10 years ago. Less famous, though very interesting and also newly reopened, are the underground ruins of San Nicola in Carcere, with its ancient pagan temples.

At the Trastevere neighborhood we can visit: the underground area of San Crisogono which contains the fantastic remains of the previous church with its original decoration; the ruins of… an ancient Roman laundry; and the ancient residences fond under the church Santa Cecilia.