Wine cannot be only theory, we have always considered extremely interesting being able to throw a glance into the places where this nectar is produced. We invite you at the discovery of vineyards and cellars, to taste wine by/with their producers and to get into the secrets of its production. In terms of wineries visits, Rome has the advantage not only of being in Lazio (a regions developing a set of new, interesting wineries in the last decades) but also of being near and well connected with Umbria, Toscana, Abruzzo and Campania. Such proximity allows in a day a customized tour of one or two wineries.

I have chosen for you the ones whose wines we like most and that we think are able to offer typical/traditional as well as innovative wines. We would like to lead your steps from the grape rows to the cellars to reach eventually a tasting of the wines produced in the wineries paired (when possible) some typical food. A fascinating glimpse into a fascinating world!

A winery tours must be customized according to your interests: one half day (one winery) or a Full day (2 wineries)