What is a food tour?

A food &/or wine tour is my tool (in my opinion one of the most intriguing ones) to better deepen the culture of the place you are visiting A food tour or a wine tasting for me is not only a matter of tasting samples of different foods (that we are anyway going to do), it is also the understanding of:

  • why this particular food?
  • What is its history?
  • How has history shaped Rome & Berlin food culture?
  • How do the Berliners and the Romans eat and cook?
  • Is food a social event and why?

In this way by eating and tasting something one can at the same time face the stories and the history behind the scenes.

Food is simply the need that we all, as humans, share.

Though, common to everyone does not mean same for everyone.

The way in which the need of food is satisfied is one of the most varied things ever.

In brief: eating Rome & Berlin really means to better understand them.